Europe's largest targeting platform launches Audience & Research, a new and independent research unit. As a reliable partner for customized target groups and target audience evaluation, the new unit Audience & Research provides a variety of services and solutions.

Audience & Research provides products and solutions for online target groups. The portfolio offers an extensive range of solutions from individually tailored and standardized reports to comprehensive research studies.

Target Group Insights

Identify your target group! With Target Group Insights you can learn the makeup of your online audience and how they set themselves apart from the average web user. Reveal a deep insight into the structure of your target audience and their surf behaviour.

Custom Audience Solutions

We work with you to develop customized solutions to make your desired audience accessible online. We have a number of solutions, some which cater for market research data collected offline to be transformed into online target groups.

User Profile Reports

User Profile Reports create a target group profile, which is obtained via the statistical predictions of's system. These reports are a complementary part of Branding Solutions. Here, differences between those users that show brand affinity compared to users who not, can be examined.

Audience Reports

Audience Reports provide an easy and efficient way to determine target group shares within targeted campaigns, using a simple tracking pixel that is incorporated into the creatives.

Benchmark Reports

This product is exclusively available to customers: Customers receive tailored reports offering a valuable insight into the effectiveness of their targeting solution. This may also uncover new business opportunities.

Research Studies

Through a large-scale and on-going study, the surfing habits of the German population were investigated, revealing extremely interesting differences between audience segments. Our research experts are ready to advise on individual requests, the creation of individual studies as well as their implementation.

"How we surf" is a unique research project from the Audience & Research unit. The study is based on data driven correlations, aiming to discover how Germans use the Internet and will also cover international markets in future. The results show the differences in the browsing behaviour from users with different sociodemographic backgrounds and purchase intent. "How we surf" offers, based on aggregated data, a real insight into the world of our algorithm. How does the surfing behaviour of the young or old, men or women, organic food shoppers or convenience food shoppers differ? Are stereotypes really true?

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